MSI 180W 150W 120W Laptop Charger Power Supply Cord

MSI 180W 150W 120W Laptop Charger Power Supply Cord

Power: 180W/150W/120W

Tip Size: 5.5mmx2.5mm


MSI 180W 150W 120W Laptop Charger Power Supply Cord

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Manufactured by  PowerSource™
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  • 2-4 Chargers 5% Off $59.82/unit
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Compatible Models:

  • MSI: GS73VR GE62VR GS43VR GE60 GE62 GE70 GE72 GE75 GS60 GS65 GS70 GS75 GT60 GT70 GP62 GP62X GP62MVR GP62MVRX GTX780DX GS40 GS72 GE72MVR GP72 GP72X GP72VR GP72VRX GF63 GV62 WT60 WT70 WS65 P65 PX60 PE60 PE70 6QD-002US 2QD-034US 7RD-027 PE70027 7RD-059 PE60059 CX62 6QD
  • MSI Dominator: GT60 Dominator-1065 GT70 Dominator-2295
  • MSI Stealth: GS73VR Stealth Pro 4K-223 GS73VR4K223 GS73VR Stealth Pro-225 GS73VR225 GS73VR Stealth Pro 4K-016 GS73VR4K016 GS73VR Stealth Pro-062 GS73VR062 GS72 Stealth Pro 4K-202 GS72 Stealth-042 GS72 Stealth Pro-425 GS65 Stealth Thin GS70 Stealth Pro-006 GS70 Stealth Pro-097 GS70 Stealth Pro-488
  • MSI Phantom: GS43VR Phantom Pro-069 GS43VR069 GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 GS43VR006 GS40 Phantom-001
  • MSI Apache: GE72MVR Apache Pro-001 GE72MVR001 GE72VR Apache Pro-418 GE72VR418 GE72 Apache Pro-030 GE72030 GE72 Apache-096 GE72096 GE62MVR Apache Pro-003 GE62MVR003 GE62VR Apache Pro-466 GE62VR466 GE62 Apache Pro-008 GE62008 GE62 Apache-264 GE62264 GE62VR Apache Pro-026 GE62VR026 GE72 Apache Pro-070 GE62 Apache Pro-239 GE72 Apache Pro-242 GE62 Apache Pro-219 GE72 Apache-027 GE62 Apache-002 MSI GE60 2PL Apache MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro
  • MSI Ghost: GS60 Ghost-242 GS60 Ghost Pro 4K-238 GS60 Ghost Pro-002 GS60 Ghost Pro 4K-605 GS60 Ghost Pro-606 GS60 Ghost Pro 4K-078 GS60 Ghost Pro 3K-046
  • MSI Leopard: GP72VR Leopard Pro-284 GP72VR284 GP62MVR Leopard Pro 4K-463 GP62MVR4K408 GP62MVR Leopard Pro-450 GP62MVR450 GP62 Leopard-285 GP62285 GL62 GL62M GP62MVR 7RF Leopard PRO GP62MVR Leopard PRO (GEFORCE GTX1060)
  • Part Numbers: ADP-180HB ADP-180HB B ADP-180HB D ADP-180EB ADP-180EB D ADP-150NB D ADP-150CB ADP-120MH D 957-16GC1P-004 957-16H21P-004 957-16F21

SAFETY / UL LISTED - Underwriters Laboratories, the leading American consumer product testing laboratory, lists this PowerSource product as meeting their standards for electrical safety and design in the United States and Canada. Don't buy potentially inferior or dangerous chargers that can harm your laptop or worse!

PERFORMANCE, SAFETY, RELIABILITY - All of our product lines are put through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure safe, reliable operation for years to come. We guarantee our products will charge your device as efficiently as the original charger, or any other replacement. In addition, our products are in compliance with top industry standards, and include numerous safety mechanisms, including protection against short circuiting, overvoltage, overcurrent, and internal overheating.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - As an American company, headquartered in Biloxi, MS, we are proud to stand behind our products as we greatly value repeat business. That's why we offer an industry-leading return and exchange policy: Within 30 days of purchase, we offer a no-questions-asked full money back guarantee. Additionally, for two years from the date of purchase, we will exchange your product free of charge should it become defective. NOBODY beats our guarantee!

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